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 Get GUARANTEED wireless Internet connection for your building, enterprise or residence, powered by NOW’s Fiber Air technology.

Our Services

Fiber Air Power

Get guaranteed and dedicated connection for your building, office and residence. This subscription comes with a committed minimum bandwidth and with absolutely no data cap!

Fiber Air Burst

Our most in-demand service yet! For a lower premium, enjoy guaranteed connection with a minimum bandwidth and an added burst of your choice – choose from 10, 20, 50 or even 100 Mbps!

Fiber Air Blast

Request an increased amount of bandwidth whenever you need it! Enjoy this on-demand service on top of any Fiber Air subscription.

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Experience powerful wireless broadband!

Guaranteed Connection

Get dedicated broadband that let’s you enjoy decent online meetings, non-stop browsing and faster file downloads.

No Data Cap

There’s no limit to your chosen bandwidth. Get what you signed up for, every time.

Utmost Reliability

With 99.999% reliability for a stress-free connection.

Durable Equipment

Have a compact dish antenna that withstands storms and supplies 10Mbps to 2.4Gbps broadband connection

24/7 Technical Support

Call, text, chat or email. We are all eyes and ears to make sure you get the most out of your Internet connection.

3-Day Standard Installation

Install, configure, and connect. From 1-3 days.

Our Future-Ready Clients


Coverage Map & NTC Results

MAP 8718 (1)
Location Subscription Speed


Manila 5 5.893 117.86 5.121
Manila 10 10.015 100.15 7.39
Manila 25 21.073 84.29 8.074

What Our Clients Say

“Our goal in Bellagio Residences is to upgrade dorm living into a lifestyle; a comfortable, spacious, secure and dignified environment for students in pursuit of academic excellence. With Now, we are a notch higher and our residents can be assured of broadband connection not just anytime, but everytime.“
Leoncio Gosiaco,  Owner

stisabel-1    “It’s about time we catch up with other academic institutions around the world! Learning is now beyond the four walls of the classroom and only with high-speed connection can our students and teachers take advantage of online learning tools, web-based rich content and research resources available in the Internet. Now Network gives us the assurance of consistent connectivity which is great because there is no room for down time in education.”
John Paul Enriquez,  MIS Manager


“With Fiber Air, you get the Internet speed they committed plus a great collaboration package from NOW.”
Reynold Ki,  General Manager 

MyTown-PH“I’m glad that NOW has a 24/7 support team. Any problem I face, they solve in no time.” Jay Magsaysay, IT Head 


Metropolitan-Medical-Center-1“The addition of Now Network to our hospital operation has benefited our patients in more ways than we expected. With most hospital records, lab results and medical care documentation digitized, we were able to improve our speed and efficiency. Our patients are also provided broadband access via wi-fi hotspots so they can receive the emotional support they need by being connected with their loved ones 24/7 through video calls and social media.“

Engr. Manuel L. Umali, IT Manager 


“Fiber Air gives the assurance of consistent connectivity that I need in my buildings.” Enrique Herbosa Sr.


Your bosses will thank you.

99.999% reliability, guaranteed throughput, fast upload and download speeds and immediate tech support are just some of the reasons why many IT heads today choose Fiber Air.