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Your bosses will thank you.

99.999% reliability, guaranteed throughput, fast upload and download speeds and immediate tech support are just some of the reasons why many IT heads today choose Fiber Air for Business.

Get dedicated, enterprise-level connection for your office.


  • Matching upload and download speeds
  • Committed minimum bandwidth
  • Bandwidth connection of up to 700 Mbps

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What our clients say

Leoncio Gosiaco

Leoncio Gosiaco

Owner, Bellagio Residences

“Our goal in Bellagio Residences is to upgrade dorm living into a lifestyle; a comfortable, spacious, secure and dignified environment for students in pursuit of academic excellence. With Now, we are a notch higher and our residents can be assured of broadband connection not just anytime, but everytime.“
Engr. Manuel L. Umali

Engr. Manuel L. Umali

IT Manager Metropolitan Medical Center

“The addition of Now Network to our hospital operation has benefited our patients in more ways than we expected. With most hospital records, lab results and medical care documentation digitized, we were able to improve our speed and efficiency. Our patients are also provided broadband access via wi-fi hotspots so they can receive the emotional support they need by being connected with their loved ones 24/7 through video calls and social media.“
John Paul Enriquez

John Paul Enriquez

MIS Manager, Sta. Isabel College

“It’s about time we catch up with other academic institutions around the world! Learning is now beyond the four walls of the classroom and only with high-speed connection can our students and teachers take advantage of online learning tools, web-based rich content and research resources available in the Internet. Now Network gives us the assurance of consistent connectivity which is great because there is no room for down time in education.”

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