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NowPlanet.TV – a digital media platform

It is a single place to discover, watch and share all the content you want. It is your personal TV, filled with the things that you love most. Catch up on hottest news, your favourite TV show, view live camera feeds and stay connected online – ALL IN ONE PLACE. This is where convergence truly happens.
Experience broadband cable TV like no other: www.nowplanet.tv.


NOW connects the Internet and TV together

Our technology includes wired & wireless broadband network back-bone, so your SMART TV, laptop or smartphone works with other services like our guaranteed Internet to deliver interactive features that enhance your entertainment experience.


Watch local channels and premium content while surfing the web

Access to local channels (free tv) and curated premium content.  Enjoy free membership access to NowPlanet.TV, a digital media platform that contains hundreds of hours of content.


Available in SMART TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

Access content while using your favourite Internet-connected mobile device and enjoy guaranteed Internet for the first time.

Free TV

Web Channels

* accessible via online at lightning fast speed 
** popular web channels from social media platforms: