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Slow Internet access hurting businesses

Source: http://www.philstar.com/cebu-business/2016/04/20/1574807/slow-internet-access-hurting-businesses

CEBU, Philippines – In today’s digital age, 74 percent of 15 to 19 year olds identify Internet cafés as their main point of access to the world wide web, but Internet café operators and other businesses in Cebu are at times operating at a loss due to slow internet access.

Philippine Internet is the second slowest in Asia with an average of 2.5mbit/s and the most expensive in the world with an average rate pegged at P1,995 per month.

Richard Tumulak, owner of the Technoplay Internet Café, told The Freeman yesterday that, “the connection is so slow, the customers most especially the students are really affected but they are left with no choice because other Internet cafes likewise have slow connection.”

Tumulak added that he even tried another broadband service of another telecom firm but the same thing happened.